Weight Loss Aftermath


Blogger’s Note: Gosh, I feel I have almost forgotten how to go about WordPress, it’s been thaat long. Blogging is not that easy as it seems to be. Many jump on the bandwagon of blogging (like me) but only to realize later that it’s a tedious task. Sitting with your laptop and trying to come up with smart blogging topics, errmm….boring! But of course there are many who love blogging and writing down their thoughts. Depends from person to person. OK, I’ll quit this crap talk and get to point!

So all the ladies out there, have you ever lost weight? Eh? 10kilos, 5kilos or at least 1 kilo! And did everybody make a big deal about it later? Were you asked questions mingled with different emotions, like– surprised: “Oh my God, did you loose weight?” (No human, you’re so just wearing make-her-look-thin glasses) , fake-worried: “Oh my god, what have you done to yourself?”, condescending: “So you have become one of those girls too?”, off-hand: “How did you become so thin?”, retarded: “Are you going through depression?”. Well if you have and are tired of being asked these questions, well come to my group- ‘A’.

As rightly guessed by your genius mind, I did lose some weight in the recent past. Not much, but just 3-4kilos max. I was 52kgs before, now I’m 47kgs. To me that is not even called a ‘weight loss’, it’s just general weight reduction. However this reduction has apparently caused a turmoil in my family and their friends circle (that’s what it seems).
Mum has never been so worried about my health than what she projects to be now. The dinning table during the lunch and dinner time is turned into a make-shift conference table with the discussion topic being: Reasons Why Pooja Is Thin. Every morsel of food I put in my mouth is scrutinized upon. I’m not allowed to leave even one inch of chapatti in the plate. When this whole thing started it was so very annoying but now, hahaha, who cares! Even after all the hoola over eating, I’m still the same.

Weight loss is worse when you meet your extended family. Recently a cousin got married. Uncles and aunties who haven’t ever seen me (or I don’t remember them) were spotted complaining about me to my parents. That only aggravated them and the fact that I couldn’t have dinner on the wedding evening (was busy) did not go well with them. Many think you are on some diet and give you the knowing smirks. And if you take a second helping of anything, that dish is labelled as your favorite dish.

Losing weight is sometimes also associated with depression or some medical problem. I understand that. But retarded are the souls who think that might be the only cause one has shed few kilos. The exasperating questions about you being under some kind of problem is just annoying.

This collective disdain for weight loss is I think only a phenomenon possible to be seen in the Indian communities, especially the north Indian ones. We up in the north love our food and no matter what a medical condition one may be in, gajar ka halwa is relished with the same emotion as a child playing with a new toy (diabetes can kiss butt). Even a few kilos of loss is a serious no-no, specifically for the youth (yes, I’m 22 and I would like to call myself the youth of the nation). These reasons are why later in the gym, we see fat aunties running meticulously on the treadmills, if only they had cared before.

Background Music: Wish by Hammock.


Make a wish and place it in your heart.
Anything you want, everything you want.
Do you have it?
Good. Now believe it can come true.

You never know where the next miracle is gonna come from,
the next smile, the next wish come true.

But if you believe that it’s right round the corner and
you open your heart and mind to the possibility of it,
to the certainty of it…you might just get the thing you’re wishing for.

The world is full of magic. You just have to believe in it.

So make your wish.
Do you have it?
Now believe in it.
With all your heart.

This is something I truly believe in. I believe that, if you have enough faith and you want something bad enough, you will get it, no matter how and what. It’s all there for you.

You can disagree with me for all you want, it really doesn’t matter.

Background: Wolf- Fever Ray (I have absolute love for her.)

After A Long Time

This is my 2nd blog post. Even is it’s after sometime, it’s OK. I din’t have time to write. So, life is good, everything is going alright. I’m still working where I was working earlier. No change there. Home is good too. Mum is good, Dad and brother are still away, so it’s just Mum and me for some more time and I’m liking it. Study progress is not the way I would like it to be. I still haven’t started studying like the crazy crack lady way, but I think I’m going to start soon, too much time is wasted. This reminds me, occasionally I’m going to post articles related to the GRE issue topic and the argument topic. Since the whole point of this blog is to improve my writing skills, so let’s write some posts based on the GRE topics itself, I’ll get some writing practice. I’m sorry if it will be a bore, but it’s unavoidable.

So last week I answered a telephonic interview for Teach For India fellowship 2012. It was decent. The results will be mailed to me after two weeks, so till then just have to wait. I had filled up the TFI fellowship form for 2012 and got selected for their telephonic interview, it was a pleasant surprise when I read the mail. However after the telephonic interview I have to sit for a face to face interview, only after that I’ll know if I’m selected or not. Let’s see what’s in store.

The telephonic interview was quiet thought provoking though. The interviewer asked me all these questions where I really had to think before I answered. Like what challenges have you faced at work, how did you feel after conquering that challenge, how do you define success. I don’t know what they were trying to evaluate, probably my mental strength or something. But whatever, it was an experience. Getting interviewed for something so noble is satisfying in it’s own weird way. Even if it’s a 2 year commitment, it’s OK. Your doing something which will make your resume stand out from the others throughout your life. And even if I don’t count that, it’s just worth it. Simply. At least for me.

Anyways just to warn you about the GRE based posts, I’ll mention it in the title itself if it’s a GRE topic, so that you don’t really have to read it if you don’t want to. But if you do get around reading it, then please be kind and leave a comment if you liked it and how I can improve. It would be great. Thankyou.

I guess it’s time to stop pretending that somebody actually reads this blog…lol. So I’ll stop. Say bye to me.

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Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?

For those who never hear this song, hear away..here


Hey..urhm..what’s up people? This is my first blog post so it will be kind of awkward and deluded. But don’t worry I’ll pick up eventually (like anybody is going to read it) but still, I’ll pick up. This blog is started with the sole selfish purpose of getting some hands-on writing practice. So if you read some weird sentence which doesn’t make any sense then just pass it as some new English lingo which hasn’t been discovered yet, but will be, a new slang near slang in the slang near future….yeah. (It will be ok. Please.)

More about Pooja: I’m 21years of age (soon 22…I’ll update it then) and I’m a nice girl not in the I’m-such-a-bad-girl-but-I’ll-tell-you-I’m-good-so-that-you-can-say-“We know your bad girl”…please, but in the actual sense. And anyway who defines a girl is bad or good? For me as it goes, all girls are good but are possessed to behave bad for some whatsoever reason. We have the biggest heart and the sweetest smile. So go on and admit it: all the girls you hate now, you did like them at some point of time, even if it was only for second. Admit it..it’s OK you know. Be true to yourself, you come alone this world and go alone! So even if you make some 1000 friends who say ‘Oh I love you so much honeeey’ everyday on Facebook, it’s all fake! FAKE. Sorry to burst your bubble but I’m only stating the fact so just……hey OK wait what are we talking here!…

Ahehehe, got carried away with my bigotry rant. Anyways we were talking about me..yeah so I’m good fun. Also a voracious reader, Ayan Rand being my favorite author.  I listen to Heavy Metal music, more into the melodic and symphony music sub-genre. However I also love ambient and chill-out music in the right mood (yeah). I ABSOLUTELY love the band Air, love their music, love them!

Yeah, so you pretty much get the picture,eh? Oh I almost fake forgot, I’m a computer engineer living in Go-Goa. (No please I’m not lucky, I’m done with the beaches!) And I’m warning you before hand itself, I’ll probably post only about some minuscule stuff. So if you’re searching for some ‘how to photoshop my pic to look hotter in my Facebook profile pic’ then please go awayyy. Thank you.

End of first self-obsessed, corny post. Thanks for reading it. You’re sweet..:-)